December 15, 2023

10 very important questions for a wedding photographer

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Planning your Wedding Day involves becoming an expert in various aspects. Seek advice from experienced friends to kickstart your organizing journey. Google will be your trusted companion throughout the planning process. When selecting a photographer to capture your special day, consider asking these 10 vital questions to gain valuable insights.

1. Are you the designated photographer for our wedding day?

At Everglow Photography, we prioritize transparency by providing you with a photographer’s portfolio before the discovery call. We ensure direct communication with your lead photographer, eliminating any uncertainties. It’s common for the person you interact with at wedding shows or consultations to be a sales representative rather than the actual photographer for your big day. Some larger studios even outsource to freelancers. Avoid surprises by asking about your designated photographer upfront.

2. How many proofs will we get?

Proofs, given in digital format, are your photographer’s top picks from the numerous shots taken on your big day. They serve as the basis for ordering prints, typically coming on an online gallery or a USB stick. A standard practice is to receive around 30-60 proof photos per hour of photography. Remember, it’s about quality over quantity.

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3. What’s the waiting time for the images?

Typically, photographers take 2 – 4 months to deliver your photos. We, at Everglow Photography,  commit to a 10-week delivery, clearly outlined in the contract. Ensure your contract specifies delivery timelines and payment schedules.

4. Do the photos have any watermarks?

Watermarks act as a visual copyright directly on the photo, displaying the photographer’s logo or copyright info. However, they’re not ideal for your final prints or digital slideshows. Some photographers may remove watermarks for an extra fee. We believe you should enjoy your photos without watermarks, so all my images are provided without them at no extra cost.

5. Can you explain your payment deposit system?

A deposit secures the photographer for your wedding day, blocking off that date for other bookings. The initial deposit is typically paid when signing the contract, and an additional deposit or final payment is usually due around the wedding time. If you need changes to the deposit plan, discuss it with the photographer. Ensure the payment details are clearly outlined in the contract, whatever the structure.

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6. Who will own the rights to the pictures?

By default, the photographer holds the rights to the photos unless stated otherwise in your contract. However, you, as the person in the photograph, retain the right to your own image. The photographer can use photos for marketing or commercial purposes only with your signed model release consent. It’s recommended to discuss picture rights in detail with the photographer. Remember, you’re not obligated to sign anything you’re not comfortable with. If you prefer your photos not to be used on the photographer’s marketing website, ensure this condition is in the contract before signing.

7. How can our family and friends view the photos and place print orders?

A good practice is for a photographer to offer your family access to the photos. At Everglow Photography, you get an exclusive password-protected gallery to share once you approve all website proofs. Family and friends can easily view and order photos online in various sizes, printed on unique fine art papers.

8. What is the duration for which you retain photos on the server?

Many photographers store your big day photos on their server for a limited time, providing a safety net in case of photo loss. Some may charge extra for extended storage. Confirm the duration in your contract for how long your photos will be kept on the photographer’s server.

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9. Can you explain your policy for cancellations?

In rare cases, you might need to cancel or reschedule your wedding date. Check if the photographer has a clear cancellation policy. Does the entire deposit get forfeited, or is it just the initial one? Understanding this policy in advance can avoid confusion and frustration later on. Make sure the cancellation policy is explicitly stated in the contract for clarity.

10. What is the procedure in case you fall ill?

While a common cold may not deter a photographer, unforeseen emergencies can arise. What if your photographer is unwell on your wedding day? Is there a backup plan in place? Ensure your contract clearly outlines an emergency backup plan.

Everglow Photography operates as a team of photographers, ensuring mutual support in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Our goal is to provide reassurance to couples, eliminating worries about not having a wedding photographer on their big day.

We hope these questions assist you in finding the ideal photographer. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions or need advice. We are here to help.

Wishing you a successful search for your wedding photographer and a fantastic big day!

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