October 16, 2021

4 Reasons why an Engagement Session is such a smart option

Participating in an Engagement Photo Session is one of the best choices you and your fiancé can make. The sessions usually last about 1.5h ranging in cost. . .

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Participating in an Engagement Photo Session is one of the best choices you and your fiancé can make. The sessions usually last about 1.5h ranging in cost from approximately $500 to $800, making them a fairly inexpensive addition to your wedding package. There are many valuable benefits that such an Engagement Session can provide, especially considering the relatively low cost and time invested.

1. Getting to know the photographer

Engagement Sessions are the perfect opportunity to become more acquainted with your photographer, their camera and their working style. They inspire candid conversations, making everyone feel more comfortable during the shoot. This is your chance to see how the photographer works without the pressure of the wedding day. What instructions will the photographer provide? For how long does a photographer ask to hold a certain pose? Do they use reflectors, assistants or any special lighting equipment? Once you know what to expect when working with the photographer, the wedding day photography is not only more fun and less stressful but usually provides more successful and natural results.

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2. Getting to know you

Similarly, an observant photographer gains a higher understanding of you individually and as a couple. How do you interact with each other and with the camera? Are you comfortable in front of the camera or will you require a little more coaching? Good photographers look for signs indicating what truly is important to you. Are you looking for romantic portraits or perhaps a touch of humour which shines through in your relationship with your fiancé? Answers to these questions will provide a more refined workflow and better results on your wedding day.


3. Hair and makeup trial

An Engagement Session is also a great opportunity to test your hairstyle and makeup choices. Does your hair look better up or down? How much eye shadow is just enough for you and the camera? When working with the bride I often suggest that she comes prepared with hair and makeup matching closely her plan for the big day. Not to forget about the groom, guys have a perfect opportunity to test their haircuts and any facial hair sculpting ahead of their big day.

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4. Creative use of images

Finally, images from the engagement session can be used to create invitations, image boards and guest books for your wedding day celebrations. Having professional photos available during your engagement and planning phase opens up new opportunities. Your social media account and your wedding website will come alive with great engagement photos available for posts and profile images. Sending great invitations, creating a couple slide shows, image place-cards, or physical photo walls is all much easier when you have great content from the engagement shoot.

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For all of the above reasons, I highly recommend Engagement Sessions. They are the prefect fun and stress-free warmup for your big day, and a great opportunity to form a type of friendship with your photographer.

Please of course, let me know if you have any questions related to Engagement Sessions. I’m always eager to help in anyway we can!
Also, to find out more about Engagement Session costs please see my investment section HERE.


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