January 30, 2024

6 Toronto Studios You Must Consider for Your Wedding Photoshoot

Deciding where to shoot your wedding photos in Toronto can be a daunting task. There are loads of locations to consider, but too many of them are typical, predictable and downright dull. First, let’s start with some pros of renting a photo studio on your wedding day.  

Why do you want to rent a photo studio in Toronto on your wedding day? 

Weather Independence: Renting a photo studio for your wedding day provides a weather-proof environment. This is especially crucial in unpredictable climates, to ensure that the wedding shoot can proceed without concerns about rain, snow, or extreme temperatures.

Controlled Environment: Studios provide a controlled environment where lighting, temperature, and other factors can be managed to achieve the desired aesthetic. This control is precious for capturing images of consistently high quality.

Privacy and Intimacy: Studios offer a private and intimate setting for couples. This will allow you to express your love without any external distractions.

Editorial Style of Photography: If you are in love with an editorial photography, renting a studio will help you out to achieve this clean, elegant look.

You can read more about photography styles in one of our guides: “A Guide to Different Wedding Photography Styles”

If you’re soon to be wed, and you are getting married in a season where the weather is unpredictable or if you want to create intimate and editorial wedding images, you should ask yourself some questions:

Do I want a wedding shoot that stands out from the rest and takes place in an amazing—and unexpected—spot? Do I want to have control over the weather, and not to worry about the rain or heat? 

If your answer is I do, then keep reading because here are six studios for a wedding photoshoot you’ll never forget.

Casa Bona

Located in the Junction, this spot is a breath of fresh air that’s perfect for the pictures you’ll treasure forever. With carefully chosen pieces and large windows that admit considerable natural light, your wedding shots at Casa Bona will be magazine-worthy! Aesthetically appropriate for every season and brilliantly decorated in neutral tones to complement any wedding colour, the open flow of this space is sure to inspire creativity. So very Boho with an industrial edge.

Casa Bona Studio Toronto

Source Casa Bona Studio

Lovt Studio

Situated in the infamous Toronto Carpet Factory, this studio’s mid-century modern rooms are the ideal alternative to parks and outdoor open spaces. With two curated room rentals to choose from, Lovt is an optimal option for bridal sessions in the city. Elevate your photography experience as you explore the unique textures, lighting, and architectural nuances within the studio. The mid-century modern aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication, creating a timeless backdrop. Whether you prefer the intimate ambiance of one room over the other, both spaces are thoughtfully designed.

Lovt Studio Toronto

Source Lovt Studio’s Instagram

Bloom Studios

Located in Vaughan Bloom Studios is an ideal, minimalistic modern loft studio. The studio offers a pristine environment flooded with abundant natural light. This clean, contemporary space provides a canvas for limitless creative possibilities, blending a modern aesthetic with a touch of elegance.

Wedding Session at the Bloom Studio in Toronto

Bloom Studios’ Instagram


Another top-notch city choice, Mararamiro is a clean, cultivated location that you’re bound to love. With timeless decor showcased from around the world, the space sets the stage for a photoshoot that’s nothing less than perfection. Special bonus: some of the pieces on display are also for sale! 

Mararamiro Studio in Toronto

Source Mararamiro’s Studio

Junto Studio

This city studio is chock full of character. It’s a huge space that offers an assortment of diverse backdrops to beautify your bridal session. Spacious, stylish and refined, this massive site is able to accommodate larger bridal parties and can even serve as your wedding venue. So get hitched at Junto Studio and live happily ever after!

Look of the Junto Studio in Toronto

Source Junto Studio

Fieldwork Studio

This Toronto West End studio offers wedding photographers an exceptional canvas to capture the timeless moments of love and celebration. This dynamic studio is more than just a space; it’s a haven of creativity and inspiration. With its contemporary design and abundant natural light, Fieldwork Studio provides the perfect backdrop to craft stunning wedding photography. The studio’s versatility allows for a seamless transition between various setups, ensuring that every shot tells a unique story. From intimate portraits to dynamic group shots, Fieldwork Studio’s ambiance enhances the artistry of wedding photography.

Toronto Wedding Photographers

Our team session at Fieldwork

There you have it!

Six Toronto studios worth considering for a wonderful wedding photo session that stays inside! Whether you’re worried about the weather on your wedding day or just crave more creative control, this quintet of super-cool studios has literally got you covered!

Which one will you choose?