October 20, 2023

6 Unique Vineyard Wedding Venues in Ontario

When it comes to celebrating love, there is something undeniably enchanting about the idea of saying ‘I do’ amidst the lush vineyards and rolling hills of Ontario’s wine country.

For wine enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect blend of stunning views and classic vibes. From rustic charm to elegant sophistication.

We will take you on a journey through some of the most picturesque wineries that offer the perfect backdrop for your special day. Check out these six unique wedding wineries where saying ‘Cheers!’ and ‘I do’ go together.

Honsberger Estates

In the heart of Niagara wine country, Honsberger Estates is a special gem for vineyard weddings. With their award-winning wines and farm-to-table cuisine, your guests will savour every moment.

The estate itself exudes charm and character with its historic farmhouse, rustic barn, and elegant outdoor spaces. Each corner of Honsberger Estates tells a unique story, and provides an endless array of photographic opportunities. With the warm, golden hues of the setting sun against the vineyard, this venue never fails to inspire creativity.

See more images from Honsberger Estate here: Lush & Elegant Wedding at Honsberger Estate Winery in Niagara Region – Kerri & Devin

Honsberger Estates Wedding Ceremony Honsberger Estates Wedding Couple Session Honsberger Estates Wedding Reception Honsberger Estates Wedding Reception Honsberger Estates Wedding Reception

Two Sisters Winery

Two Sisters Winery offers a touch of Tuscan elegance in Niagara wine country. With its grand architecture, manicured gardens, and vineyard views, this venue transports you to a European vineyard. The barrel cellar provides a unique space for an intimate reception and a great space for photo sessions!

Vieni Estates Winery

Vieni Estates Winery offers the right balance of classic and charming countryside feels. Just like its vintage wines, your wedding photos will be a testament to the natural beauty of your wedding and the region.

Imagine exchanging vows alongside the vast hills of blooming soon-to-be wine and then entering a cozy reception space with a fireplace.

One of the standout features of Veni Estates is its meticulous attention to detail. Every element of this venue has been carefully curated to enhance its romantic atmosphere. From the charming stone pathways that wind through lush gardens to the elegant, rustic-inspired architecture of the main estate building, Veni Estates effortlessly combines natural beauty with timeless sophistication. This winery is a must-see!

Vieni Estates Winery Wedding Ceremony Vieni Estates Winery Wedding Couple Session Vieni Estates Winery Wedding Reception Vieni Estates Winery Wedding Ceremony

Vineland Estates

Rolling vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, offering a picturesque backdrop that is nothing short of magical. The rows of grapevines, each one glistening with dew in the morning sun, create a captivating setting for couples to exchange their vows.

One of the standout features of Vineland Estates is its perfect blend of natural beauty and refined elegance. The historic stone building, with its classic architecture and rustic charm, provides an exquisite backdrop for both indoor and outdoor celebrations. Whether couples choose to hold their ceremony overlooking the vineyards or within the intimate ambiance of the winery’s barrel cellar, Vineland Estates ensures that every moment is infused with elegance and grace.

Vineland Estates Wedding Ceremony Vineland Estates Wedding Vineland Estates Wedding Reception Vineland Estates Wedding Couple Session

Hare Wine Co

This Spanish courtyard-inspired venue is the perfect match for wine lovers. Nestled amidst ripening grapes, it offers an open-air summer setting that is truly romantic and makes you want to open some bottles! Hare Wine Co seamlessly marries rustic charm with modern elegance. The architectural design harmonizes effortlessly with the natural beauty of the estate. It offers a multitude of options for your wedding ceremony and reception. This memorable atmosphere is a special location for you and your guests—and, of course, for your wedding photos!

Cherryvale Weddings

Cherryvale Weddings, located in the heart of Prince Edward County, is not a winery. Rather, it is a dreamy destination for nuptials. With all the amenities on the grounds, you will enjoy the beauty surrounding the place, where you will be saying your vows. Surrounded by greenery and orchards, this venue exudes sweet charm. The wooden barn and outdoor terrace create an exceptional background for your wedding portraits.

These vineyard wedding venues are not simply places to host your special day. They are destinations where history meets modern luxury. The historic charm of the buildings blends seamlessly with the surrounding natural beauty. It creates an atmosphere that is both grand and intimate. 

Cherryvale Weddings Ceremony Cherryvale Weddings Cherryvale Weddings Reception


Ontario has many more vineyard wedding venues that offer a unique blend of natural beauty, fine wines, and rustic charm. Whatever you choose, your special day is bound to be an enchanting experience that you and your guests will cherish forever!

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