March 7, 2023

8 First Look Ideas – To Make Your Big Day Even More Special

Getting married is a long and exciting process which has many stages. You must make many big and small decisions throughout the wedding planning process. One of them is whether you are going to do the first look or not.

The first look is always a special moment. It’s a moment of pure anticipation—you’re seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day. Some time ago, we wrote more about the pros and cons of having a first look here:

To First Look, Or Not to First Look? What are the Pros and Cons of a First Look Photo Session?

This time we would like to share different ways you can see each other for the first time before the ceremony. We want you to read this post to learn how to make your first look meaningful. We are going to help you plan and organize it to be unforgettable. 

Here are some wedding first-look ideas to make your big day even more special:

Back to back.

Hold your hands for as long as you want during the back-to-back first look. Whenever you are ready, you both turn towards each other simultaneously. This first look is great if you want to spend a moment together before seeing each other. Touching and talking to each other before the first look creates even more emotions. It’s a natural and relaxed way to interact before you see each other.

Couple Standing back to back Wedding First Look Surprised Groom First look back to back downtown view


Walking towards each other.

This first look recreates walking down the aisle. Your partner waits for you, and you walk towards him. You both see each other at the same time. This kind of first look is simple and allows you to see each other from a distance and get closer to each other.

Bride walking towards the groom Groom kissing bride's hands

Walking from behind and tapping on a shoulder.

The most popular first-look option. One person waits, looking away from the other person. The tap on the shoulder is when the person waiting can turn, and both see each other.

Couple First Look Couple First Look

Walking around the corner.

This kind of first look requires a corner. The idea of this first look is similar to the back-to-back first look. The only difference is that you don’t touch each other’s backs but can still hold hands.

First touch.

If you don’t want to see each other before the first look entirely but would love to talk before seeing each other in front of your wedding guests, this might be the option for you. The first touch takes some tension away and will help you feel close without fully seeing each other.

First look with family.

You can include parents, just mom or dad, siblings, or other close family members in the first look can make it even more emotional and special. First look with the family members is a beautiful way to share an intimate moment with your loved ones before the ceremony. You can do this kind of first look at your getting-ready location just before you leave for the ceremony or the first look with your husband-to-be. 

First Look with Dad on wedding day First Look with dad wedding day Crying bride

First look with your bridal party.

Another fun and exciting way to share a special moment with your closest friends and family members on your wedding day.  Make sure to schedule the first look with the bridal party at a time that allows everyone to be fully dressed and ready. This usually takes place before the ceremony and before the bride and groom have already had their first look.

Wedding first look with bridesmaids by the pool Wedding first look with bridesmaids by the pool

First look with pets.

For couples with fur babies, including them in the first look can be a sweet and fun addition to your wedding photos.  Decide where your pet will be during the first look and who will bring them out at the right moment. Make sure they are comfortable and secure, and have everything they need (water, treats, toys, etc.). Remember that pets can be unpredictable, so be prepared to adapt your plans if necessary.

Firs Look with a dog Bride with a dog wedding day

The first look is also a great moment to exchange private vows or read letters to each other.

You might not want to share your intimate moment with your long-distance family members during the ceremony, so this is a moment when you can get very vulnerable with each other.

A first look is a great way to celebrate your special day without being rushed or stressed. Your wedding is a celebration of two people in love and the joy they bring to each other. We always encourage our couples to do things that make them feel comfortable and relaxed on the wedding day.

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