February 22, 2021

Backyard Wedding in Uxbridge, Ontario – Patricia & Simon

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Backyard weddings have this amazing, intimate charm. When Patricia and Simon started to plan their pre-pandemic wedding, they knew that they wanted to have an intimate ceremony with 20 guests only with a larger reception later on. The pandemic pushed them to change their plans and celebrate their love surrounded only by their closest family. Patricia’s parents’ beautiful backyard became a background for their simple, elegant, and (in some ways) boho wedding day. Patricia and Simon knew exactly which parts of the day were really important to them.

They wanted to celebrate with their loved ones and enjoy every moment despite the circumstances. What I love the most about their wedding day is that they both were very present. They also created a relaxed atmosphere that made everyone feel at home.

I also asked Patricia and Simon four questions about their wedding planning during the pandemic. I really appreciate that they took their time to answer the questions and share their experience. 

What was the most difficult part about planning your wedding during the pandemic?

The most difficult thing about wedding planning during the pandemic was the uncertainty.  We were never quite sure what the rules would be or what might change so it was difficult to make firm plans. I found it especially difficult when it came to figuring out the guest list and booking vendors. Since we got married mid-summer we benefitted from the restrictions being eased as cases went down. We needed to send out invites and book our vendors before we knew how many people would be allowed to attend.

What turned out better than you expected?

The ceremony was way better than I expected! When we first started our planning pre-COVID we always planned to have a small ceremony of just over 20 people and then have a larger reception later in the day with all our friends and family. We wanted to keep the ceremony part pretty private but still have the opportunity to celebrate with all our loved ones.
Since having a separate party was out of the question for a COVID wedding the only option we had was to invite all our guests to the ceremony. Even though we were nervous about it I am so thankful that it ended up that way and that we shared that moment with our closest friends and family. We also ended up doing some home made decor items that I don’t think we would have done otherwise. I am so happy with how they turned out.

Based on your experience, what advice would you give to couples who are planning their wedding during the pandemic?

If you are planning your wedding now there are a few pieces of advice that I would share.  First, a zoom wedding is not as bad as you might think.  We had some friends and family join us for the ceremony through zoom. While it may not be ideal, it made it possible for them to be there and witness our marriage.  It also made it possible for international family to attend who may not have been able to travel here for our original wedding. We made a point of saving certain things for zoom guests only so they still felt included.  For example, we cut our cake indoors in front of our zoom guests while our in-person guests enjoyed some music outside.

Is there anything that you would do differently?

Some things I might do differently with the knowledge I have now would probably be to go ahead and book more vendors.  We didn’t book catering because we weren’t sure if it would be allowed. I think if I could go back I would probably just book it. Most vendors were incredibly understanding given the circumstances. I am sure we could have made an arrangement that would have worked. In the end we decided to have a home cooked BBQ, which was amazing. It was definitely a lot of added work for our families since they were helping us with everything.

Thank you Patricia and Simon for sharing your experiences and knowledge. Also, thank you making me a part of your beautiful, intimate wedding celebration. 

You can read more interviews with couples who planned their wedding during the pandemic here: “Planning a wedding during the pandemic – Advice from couples.”

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Patricia and Simon’s Backyard Wedding in Uxbridge, Ontario was photographed by Monika Grzelak from Everglow Photography. Voted as Best Wedding Photographer in Toronto.