January 9, 2024

Behind the Camera: how we create, grow, and get inspired

Behind the camera at Everglow Photography is a collective of Toronto-based wedding photographers. We believe that weddings are all about raw emotions, fleeting moments and the art of storytelling. By constantly dedicating ourselves to learning from each other and honing our craft, we aim to capture the essence of each unique love story with authenticity and creativity.

Monika, Everglow’s founder, started the collective with a vision to unite a group of highly talented photographers from diverse backgrounds and with varied experiences. This diversity allows us to explore new creative avenues and push the boundaries of traditional wedding photography. Each member brings a distinctive set of skills and perspectives to the table, resulting in a melting pot of creativity and expertise. By pooling our talents, exchanging ideas and supporting each other, we knew we could achieve something greater.

Collaboration became our cornerstone. We, as a group, work together to venture into fresh creative paths and challenge conventions.

Secondly, by holding multiple workshops throughout the year, we foster a culture of continuous learning. We believe that by learning from each other, we not only enhance our skills but also collectively elevate the standard of our work. Furthermore, refining and actively implementing our ideas guarantees consistent growth and creativity within our team. One of the driving forces behind our expansion is the belief that experience matters.

Behind the scenes from our team photoshoot

Behind the camera

We understand that each wedding is a unique chapter in a couple’s love story. Our collective brings together seasoned professionals who have mastered their craft over the years. This expertise ensures that we produce and capture timeless memories for our clients.

Toronto Wedding Photographers

Our commitment to creating lasting memories motivates us to evolve and improve constantly.

We’re not just photographers. We’re a united group that continually creates and evolves with passion, capturing the authenticity of your love story.

Everglow Collectives Constantly Creating