January 27, 2017

Importance of “Camera Ready Makeup”

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As photographer I see and consider every detail visible in my camera viewfinder. From the light and the composition to the subject and the background, each component plays a part in the final crafted image. It all happens very quickly and naturally of course. However, the difference between a good image and a great image is in those critical details. One of those important, yet often overlooked, details in Wedding and Engagement Photography is the Bride’s make up.

I recently had the chance to discuss with Claudia Coelho, a talented and trusted Toronto based Makeup Artist, the importance of “Camera Ready Makeup”. I’m happy to share the interview highlights below in hope that they will better explain the role that good makeup plays during a photo shoot. Enjoy!

Let’s start with a basic question. What does “camera ready” make up mean?

Being camera-ready means the products and techniques used to achieve the overall look are compatible with high quality cameras that photographers and videographers use. That means you will be HD compatible and as technology advances to 4k, makeup products and techniques advance as well.

What is the difference between a “camera ready” makeup and every day makeup?

When it comes to being HD compatible or “camera ready” you need to be more vigilant with details like foundation application, blending products, eyeliner and so much more. You also need to make sure the products you use are also HD compatible. For example many foundations these days have SPF in them, which causes flashbacks or “ghost face” with flash photography, and you definitely don’t want to get your wedding photos back and see that your face is a few shades lighter than your body. Cameras these days can pick up the slightest flaw and pore so proper application is needed to make sure the skin looks flawless in person and on camera. As a makeup artist I, like many other artists strive to do so well that the photographer doesn’t need to over use photoshop.

Everyday makeup is much for lenient and forgiving because people will rarely stare at your face long enough to pick up on a slightly unsymmetrical liner or notice the fact one eye is a little smokier than the other. Also, application techniques can vary quite a bit between in person and on camera.

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What if we usually don’t put a lot of make up on? How do we choose the best look for us?

If you don’t normally wear a lot of makeup on a day-to-day basis, don’t do the complete opposite on your wedding day. The last thing you want is to look like a different person walking down the aisle and surprising your other half. When consulting with new brides I like to get a feel for what their makeup and skincare routine is like first and then I can develop a look based on what they are used to and inspiration photos they have as well. I like to stay in the comfort level of my brides and enhance the features that they already love, whether it is eyes, lips or skin.

When looking for inspiration photos it’s important to remember that not all styles look good on everyone and it’s important to let your makeup artist tweak a photo look to better suit you, after all that’s why you hired them.

Are there any specific make up styles for brides?

There isn’t any one look, as every bride is unique but lately I’ve been getting brides asking a lot for soft smoky eyes and dewy skin or a simple neutral eye and smudged out liner and a soft neutral pink lip. I just advise brides to not go with “trendy” looks as it may look great now but years from now when you look at your photos you don’t want to be saying yikes what was I thinking. That means stay away from the heavy contour, instagram brows and super dramatic eyes, unless you’re planning on rocking the same looks for the next 30 years. Those 90s brides are regretting their overly plucked thin eyebrows now!

What is important to look for when we are looking for a make up artist?

These days you have a huge selection of makeup artists so narrowing it down can be difficult. Start by going through artists’ portfolios whether it be on websites or social media, get a feel for their style and what you’d like for yourself. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup or not regularly don’t go with an artist that is known for their glittery eyes or strong contour, instead find an artist that’s known for those soft subtle beauty looks. Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a handful or artists, reach out to them, get to know a bit about them and talk business, if you can book a trial with 2 or 3 artists and find out who you mesh with best because when it comes to the big day, you want nothing but good vibes around you.

Is it important to have a make up trial before our big day? If yes, why and what is the best time to do so?

The process in finding a makeup artist is just like picking any other vendor for your wedding day. You wouldn’t pick a venue without going to visit it or pick a dress without trying it on so why would you pick a makeup artist without meeting them and making sure their style fits with yours? It’s important to do your research, look through portfolios, talk with different artists and a trial really allows you to make sure you and your artist mesh well and are on the same page. I actually wrote an in depth blog post on my website about the importance of trials and what to expect going into a trial.

Some time ago, I created a blog post where I share more details on How To Get Ready For An Engagement Session.

How to prepare our skin to look good in front of the camera?

The first thing is good nutrition and drinking lots of water, followed by a good skin care routine that works for your skin type. If your planning to get a facial before the wedding, schedule it no less than a week before the wedding as sometimes facials can cause breakouts for more sensitive skin. Also do all your waxing no later than 3 days before the wedding. I like to recommend my brides to treat themselves to a hydrating mask the week of the wedding at home and to try and gets lots of sleep the night before (that’s a tougher task so a good eye cream helps too).

Does the groom ever need makeup? Any suggestions for making sure that guys look their best on the big day?

Traditionally grooms have never gotten their makeup done but in more recent days, more men are opting for a light touch up primarily because of the photos that last a lifetime. Majority of the time I get men asking to just clean up their brows or shape their beards while others opt for a mattifying product or powder to make sure they stay shine free all day. A few men have even asked for a little concealer under the eye and blemishes to smooth and brighten the skin while still keeping everything looking natural and “barely” there. Regardless whether grooms opt for makeup or not I always recommend starting a good skincare routine well before the big day, drink lots of water and definitely get some solid sleep the night before!

What is the average cost of a Make Up Artist in Toronto?

This is a tough one because there is a wide range of price points in Toronto. What brides need to remember is that they are booking a luxury mobile service and just like anything else, you get what you pay for. I’d have to say the “average” price for a makeup artist is between $80 and $120 and of course you’ve got your higher spectrum and lower spectrum as well. My advice is to always do your research and do a trial before you book and sign anything!


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