October 27, 2023

Guide To Getting More From Your Engagement Session

For many couples, this marks their first experience with professional photography, a prospect that can be intimidating. Preparing for your engagement session is the best way to ease any jitters that may come with being in front of the camera. We at Everglow try to prepare our couples with as much information and guidebooks as possible to ensure your photography experience is enjoyable.

Below are the key points we target we focus on to boost your confidence and help you radiate in front of the camera.

Comfort & Communication

The biggest foundation of a successful engagement session. When you’re comfortable and know what to expect, you’re more likely to be relaxed and enjoy the experience. Even before the session, we send out questionnaires and galleries of previous couples to give an idea of what we will be doing. Good communication is key when booking and planning to get our couples excited and not feel like a stranger when we first meet.

We want to capture your genuine self; the real emotions shine in the candid moments. 

Outfits & Seasons

Prepare your engagement outfits ahead of time and ensure a proper fit for everything. Choose comfortable outfits and boost your confidence. Coordinate your outfits without being too matchy, and ensure you can move freely. Opt for practical footwear, considering the location; heels work if comfortable and on flat surfaces, but adapt for grass, sand, or rocks. Bring a change of clothes, and dress appropriately for the weather to stay comfortable and ensure great photos.

For more in-depth information, check out What to Wear for Your Engagement Session.

Engagement Session Locations

Your favourite spots are our favourite as well since you are already in your loved-up element. Pick a location that resonates with your relationship and personality, be it outdoors, in the city, or at home. Prioritize showcasing your unique love and happiness rather than trying to imitate something you’ve seen on Pinterest. Our goal is to create your own, showcasing you as a couple moments.

Nature Engagement Sessions

Engagement shoots taking place in nature are calm and relaxed. We move around a lot, chasing the light and utilizing the gorgeous scenery. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty and let loose! Outfit choices are higher here, so bring the right shoes and clothing for this. These natural settings provide a serene backdrop that allows for beautiful, candid moments to unfold effortlessly.

You can see some of our favourite nature locations for an engagement session here: Top 10 Toronto/ GTA Nature Locations for an Engagement Session.

City Engagement Session

Taking your engagement photos in the city offers a modern, more editorial feel. A huge bonus is that we can be creative with various backdrops and utilize what the city has to offer. You can pop in different locations for a bite and make a date out of it.  It’s recommended to choose a single neighbourhood/area where we’ll be shooting (it’s best to keep everything within walking distance).

You can see some of our favourite city locations for an engagement session here: Top 10 Toronto city locations for a couple or engagement session.


This will be our initial meeting and collaboration! It’s the perfect opportunity to ask any questions, learn about our approach to both guiding and candid moments, and ensure we capture your authentic selves. Share your thoughts and expectations for your engagement session.

Relax and Enjoy

Remember that this session is about capturing your love at this stage in your life. Our goal is to preserve this special moment in your life and ensure you enjoy the process.

This won’t be a stiff, formal photoshoot, so relax, be yourselves, and savour the experience.

You can read more about what to expect from an engagement session here: What To Expect From Your Engagement/ Wedding Session in the City?

We hope this inspires you and excites you about your upcoming engagement session. We are looking forward to creating magic with you!

Big thank you to the amazing couple Heidi and Matt, who starred in this shoot!

Everglow Photography shot this Outdoor Engagement Session at Colonel Samuel Smith Park.

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