March 11, 2020

Humber Bay Park Toronto – Fall Engagement Session – Emilia & Mitch

Best Wedding Photographer Toronto

When I asked Emilia and Mitch about their perfect location for the engagement session, they told me that they would love to have a session in a greenhouse. We were planning to the session in October when the nature shows of the most beautiful colours. I suggested that maybe it will be better if we shoot outside. This way we will be able to capture the stunning transformation of nature before the winter. They agreed! For their session they chose Humber Bay Park in Toronto which is one my favourite parks in Toronto. This location has everything: un-groomed nature, the lake, the beach, a downtown view and it is not super crowded. Photographer’s dream! 

I love engagement stories. Each of them is so different and inspiring. I always feel like the world   gets a little bit better when I hear them. Emilia and Mitch’s story is so romantic. 

Mitch redid his first date! He took Emilia through the same wandering path and wrote her letters at each place. They than drove out to the apple orchard at sunset and he proposed. He even got the same truck he used to have. Isn’t that an amazing idea? 

I love that Emilia and Mitch treated their engagement session as a date! They even brought a bottle of champagne and sparklers which they wanted to have on their wedding day. Unfortunately, their wedding venue doesn’t allow sparklers so they decided to incorporate them during the engagement session! Another great idea!

We spent this beautiful, a little bit chilly October afternoon wandering through the Humber Bay Park, having fun. I did what I love the most: I captured their love for each other. 

Couple sitting on a rock Couple talking Couple walking along the lake Girl looking at her boyfriend Fall Engagement Session Couple sunset Couple having fun Couple drinking prosecco Couple fall session Couple sitting on the beach Girl looking at the camera Couple hugging Couple walking along the lake Ontario Couple walking on the beach Couple kissing Couple laying on the grass Couple and the sparklers

Best Wedding Photographer Toronto

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This Humber Bay Park  fall engagement session in Toronto was photographed by Monika Grzelak from Everglow Photography – International Wedding Photographer for Adventurous Couples.