March 21, 2023

Monochromatic & Modern Jewish Wedding at The Toronto Hunt Club – Emma & Lorne

The Toronto Hunt Club is a private social club in Scarborough that also makes for a beautiful wedding venue. The club’s history dates back to 1843 and it occupies a stunning waterfront location overlooking Lake Ontario.

Emma and Lorne chose the Hunt Club as their wedding venue and decided to hold all the events there.

We love when couples limit the number of locations to ensure that this once-in-a-lifetime event is as stress-free as possible.

The Toronto Hunt Club has beautiful rooms perfect for the necessary preparations. Emma and Lorne decided to see each other before the ceremony, and they chose the most traditional form of “first look”—a tap on the shoulder.

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The first look is an excellent idea for couples who want to share an intimate moment with their partner. It also helps those who’d prefer to capture the majority of their photographs before the ceremony so they’re free to enjoy the cocktail hour with family and friends.

It’s important that we have a solid understanding of how our couples visualize their big day. A question we love to ask is:

“What moment of your wedding day are you looking forward to the most?”

Here’s how Emma and Lorne responded:

“We can’t pick just one. It has been a lot of planning, so we know everyone is excited to see the vision come together. In a Jewish wedding, there are a lot of little moments we look forward to. After we sign the Jewish wedding contract (ketubah), parents typically take a minute and whisper advice in our ears. It is a very emotional time and quite touching because, at that point, we are technically married. Then our families will walk down the aisle. Lorne’s parents will stop in the middle of the aisle, then Lorne will come out, and his parents will walk him to the Chuppah. After that, my parents will walk halfway down the aisle, and I will come out and meet them, and they will walk me to the Chuppah.”

Jewish weddings are steeped in tradition and rich in symbolic meaning—so much so that they usually require two photographers to ensure that every precious moment is preserved.

Some of the most common customs include:

Ketubah: is a  Jewish marriage contract outlining the groom’s obligations to his bride. Ketubah is usually written in Aramaic and signed by two witnesses.

Badeken is a ceremony in which the groom veils the bride before the wedding, this practice dates back to the biblical story of Jacob and Rachel.

Chuppah: This canopy—a symbol of the home the couple will build together—is held up by four poles and typically festooned with flowers or fabric.

Kiddushin: The formal betrothal ritual in which the groom gives the bride a ring and recites a blessing.

Seven Blessings are recited over a cup of wine. The blessings praise God for creating the world, bringing joy to the bride and groom, and creating love between them.

Breaking the Glass: At the end of the ceremony, the groom steps on and shatters a glass. This symbolizes the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and serves as a reminder of the fragility of life.

Yichud: After the ceremony, the couple spends a few moments alone in a private room. Yichud, which means “togetherness.”

Hora is a lively dance in which the bride and groom are lifted on chairs and carried around the dance floor.

These are just a few of the many Jewish wedding customs. Each ceremony is unique and may incorporate different practices, depending on the couple’s preference and heritage.

Emma and Lorne’s wedding was rich with emotion and full of meaningful traditions. The monochromatic décor accented by a plentiful presentation of green-stemmed white flowers created a modestly elegant mood.

Overall, the Toronto Hunt Club is a vibrant, versatile wedding venue with stunning waterfront views and a storied history.

Best Wedding Photographer Toronto


Best Wedding Photographer Toronto

Wedding Vendors:

Venue: The Toronto Hunt Club

Coordinator: Ashley Lindzon Events

Flowers and Decor: Jackie

Makeup: Sam Brewes

Hair: Hair By Zaia

Band: The Universla Boogie Band

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