November 30, 2023

Tips to Create Your Perfect Wedding Album

Many couples invest in wedding photography, but then they hide the memories away on USBs or in a favourite folder on their phones. Your wedding day is a collection of beautiful moments, and creating a wedding album keeps these memories alive for a lifetime. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect wedding album:

Less is More

As much as we may fall in love with a whole gallery, it’s hard to add all 500+ images into an album without it being too big and cluttered. We suggest about 2-5 images per page.

Couple Throwing Flower Confetti

Layout and Design

The look and feel of your wedding can make a difference in your wedding album. Consider the overall aesthetic of your wedding and choose an album that complements it.

At Everglow Photography, we are happy to offer layout services to create your dream wedding album. We love highlighting your favourite portraits and advocate adding candid images to bring more emotion to your album. Add those personal touches and details to make the images come alive, bringing back all those emotions from your big day!

Everglow Tip: If you have a mix of black-and-white and colour images, position them on separate pages to maintain a cohesive look.

Eglinton Grand Wedding Night Session

Showcase the Timeline

A chronological layout allows the narrative of your wedding day to unfold seamlessly. Start with getting ready, and reveal details along the way to create excitement and bring back the emotions that built up to the ceremony and the last dance.

Everglow Tip: Include dance floor images to show everyone letting loose and dancing like no one is watching!

Couple Dancing First Dance Wedding Day Dancing People

Printing Paper Options

The type of paper used in the album can significantly impact the overall look and feel. Matte finishes offer timeless elegance, while glossy options provide a more lively, contemporary touch. Invest in a high-quality paper album that will last. This ensures your photos remain vibrant and intact for generations to come. At Everglow Photography, we deliver high-res images that print beautifully!

Online Gallery Shop

We always deliver our images in two sizes: web-resolution images for social media purposes and high-resolution images for prints. Right from your online wedding gallery, you can easily order prints or even design your ideal wedding album using our shop feature. Everything is hassle-free!

Create Custom Albums

To add to the holiday season, creating separate albums for both sides of the family is a sweet and intimate touch that can evoke both tears and laughter at your next reunion!

Everglow Tip: Bring tissues! Prints make images come alive.

Prints have this magical ability to infuse static images with life. When you hold a print in your hands, the texture and colours make the scene feel like it’s right there in front of you. It’s almost like the moment in the picture comes alive, making you feel like you’re part of it.

Consider these suggestions to design a wedding album that beautifully captures your precious memories and transforms them into a timeless memento of your love story.