February 22, 2024

Top 8 Beautiful and Unique Hotels for Getting Ready in Toronto

Imagine being pampered from the moment you wake up, saving time and money on travelling, and getting ready in one location—it’s all a big wedding-day win! 

From start to finish, your wedding day involves many months of planning and preparation. Why not start your day with ease by booking a hotel to prepare? Aside from the convenience of being close to your city wedding venue, eliminating parking tickets and traffic issues, and beginning your big day with a luxurious experience, many hotels provide picture-perfect backdrops for your wedding gallery! 

Check out Everglow Photography’s top Toronto hotel picks that are perfect for your wedding day preparations, each offering considerable charm and allure.

The Broadview Hotel

Located in the historic Riverside neighbourhood, The Broadview Hotel provides a picturesque blend of vintage charm and modern luxury. Altogether the beautifully restored building boasts elegant rooms, large windows, and lots of natural light to illuminate every memorable moment. Additionally, the rooftop terrace offers secret views of the city, creating an urban backdrop befitting an array of bridal portraits.

Nikki & Jordan – The Broadview Hotel

Broadview Hotel Toronto Bride Getting Ready Broadview Hotel Toronto Groom Getting Ready Broadview Hotel Toronto First Look Wedding

Le Germain Hotel

Le Germain Hotel is a chic choice for cool, contemporary couples. Located in the heart of Toronto, its sleek and stylish interiors are the perfect setting to capture the anticipation and excitement of the wedding day. Moreover, the expansive windows bathe photo sessions in natural light, creating captivating images that showcase both the couple and the hotel’s attractive ambiance. Plus, Le Germain has multiple First Look locations onsite!

Le Germain Hotel Toronto Bride Getting Ready Le Germain Hotel Toronto Bride Getting Ready Le Germain Hotel Toronto Groom Getting Ready Le Germain Hotel Toronto Wedding Session

The Gladstone Hotel

Its distinctive combination of history and art is why The Gladstone Hotel is one of our top picks! This iconic landmark deftly defines the “Downtown Wedding” vibe, serving as the ideal setting for your preparation pictures! The huge open windows allow for substantial amounts of sunlight. The subtle decor adds to the atmosphere of this special spot. Also, we recommend having your reception on the hotel grounds for even more photo opportunities in and around this outstanding location!

The Gladstone Hotel Toronto Bride Getting Ready The Gladstone Hotel Toronto Wedding Session The Gladstone Hotel Toronto Creative Wedding Session

1 Hotel Toronto 

Nestled in the heart of the urban landscape, 1 Hotel Torontoserves as an oasis, offering a picturesque backdrop to capture and preserve your precious moments. Experience the perfect blend of nature’s beauty and bridal elegance in a magazine-worthy scene. 1 Hotel Toronto is the one to choose for a captivating marriage of urban sophistication and natural allure!

The Omni King Edward Hotel

The Omni King Edward Hotel is a must-see for its welcoming elegance and one-of-a-kind views of the Toronto skyline. With regal decor and carefully designed spaces, the hotel makes for a majestic backdrop. The Omni King Edward kicks off your wedding festivities with flair, offering fantastic views and fashionable interiors.

Jennie & Justin – Jump Wedding

The-Omni-King-Edward-Hotel Getting Ready The-Omni-King-Edward-Hotel Wedding Session The-Omni-King-Edward-Hotel Wedding Session

The Fairmont Royal York

One of Toronto’s most famous landmarks, The Fairmont Royal York offers a fresh, contemporary mood appropriate for all types of palettes. The hotel’s neutral colours and well-designed decor are suitable for weddings any time of the year! While the rooms are designed for more intimate bridal gatherings, the location itself—and the array of photo opportunities—are limitless.

Please note that an additional permit is required for photos in the lobby, bar or other shared areas.

The Fairmont Royal York Hotel Toronto View The Fairmont Royal York Hotel Toronto Wedding Getting Ready The Fairmont Royal York Hotel Toronto Wedding Getting Ready

The SoHo Hotel & Residences

Elevate your pre-wedding preparations with The SoHo Hotel’s monochromatic vibe. This opulent boutique sets the stage for unforgettable moments, blending modern wedding aesthetics with classic glamour and effortless elegance.

George Restaurant & Hotel

The gorgeous ambiance of George Restaurant & Hotel is renowned for its unique, camp-inspired charm. While starting your day in a decidedly colourful way, the eclectic bridal suite promises well-appointed fun and loads of fab photo ops for everyone! You’ll revel in the best of all worlds, with every event taking place onsite and all of it highlighted by the satisfying taste of Michelin-starred cuisine.

George Restaurant Toronto Bride Getting Ready George Restaurant Toronto Bride Getting Ready George Restaurant Toronto Groom Getting Ready

Booking a hotel in Toronto is the smart way to prepare for your special day. It can be a real game-changer for your wedding timeline.

Explore Toronto’s top 8 beautiful and unique hotels for getting ready, each exuding carefully crafted vibes. These venues will enhance every memorable moment as you prepare to say “I do.”