November 18, 2022

7 Top Toronto Restaurants for the Wedding Day of Your Dreams!

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These seven top modern restaurants—each one unique in its own way—will help you select the best backdrop for the downtown wedding of your dreams!

Toronto is a city with a spectacular selection of marriage venues! For those who are soon to be wed, there are so many locations to choose from.

Learn a bit about each eatery by reviewing our list. The perfect place for your wedding is waiting to be discovered. So let’s take a look …


If you’re seeking a location that’s all about sophistication, Ricarda’s is in a class by itself. Imagine your marriage ceremony taking place in front of a spectacular all-glass window wall beneath 70-foot delta frames in a spot that’s spacious enough to fit 120 of your closest friends and family! The mouth-watering menu is always updated to stay on top of the latest trends and create the most compelling shots! This extra feature will add even more meaningful memories to your wedding album.

Ricarda's Restaurant Toronto Wedding Ceremony Ricarda's Restaurant Toronto Decore Ricarda's Restaurant Toronto Couple Giving a Wedding Speech

Cluny Bistro

In the heart of the Distillery District, Cluny Bistro will propel you into Victorian charm. This timeless space provides an intimate approach to weddings that you’re sure to appreciate for its warm sentiment and quirky sensibility. The restaurant’s French-style decor and full-service staff means you don’t have to lift a finger—just enjoy the luxury!

From a photography standpoint, the venue offers a variety of attractive photo spots for memorable indoor shots. Then step outside, and you’re on a versatile block in the Distillery District for an outstanding outdoor session! Cluny Bistro is one of my top Toronto Restaurants for the downtown wedding!

Cluny Bistro Toronto Wedding Decore Cluny Bistro Toronto Couple Just Got Married Cluny Bistro Toronto Wedding Ceremony Location


To add some unexpected spark to the ceremony, Marked is a location loaded with character that’s notable for its impressive menu selection. Catering to 150 uptown attendees, the ambience and overall vibe will make an unforgettable impression on your guests and your photographs! If you are getting married downtown, you need to have a city session. Marked is ideally situated for some improvisational street photoshoots!

Marked Restaurant Wedding Reception Decor Marked Restaurant Wedding Reception Decor Marked Restaurant Wedding Couple Session


For a wedding with style to spare, Oretta is a place like no other. Located in the Fashion District, this fresh and vibrant venue will have your guests feeling like they are overseas for a private tasting tour of Italy. With a chef’s live cooking show and a range of different spaces outfitted to complement your ceremonies particular mood, you’ll feel like your nuptials are taking place back in Nonna’s kitchen.

You can see more images from Oretta here: Downtown Wedding Toronto – Maggie & Michael

Oretta Restaurant Toronto Wedding First Dance Oretta Restaurant Toronto Wedding Decor Oretta Restaurant Toronto Wedding People Toasting


No one would argue that food and alcohol are absolute must-haves for any happy wedding. Sure, you need the dress and mustn’t forget the flowers—but your guests gotta eat! Boehmer Restaurant is an excellent choice when it comes to first-rate culinary fashion. With Iron Chef Paul Boehmer on the roster  couples with a urban-rustic room flooded with natural light, your guests will be more than pleased, and your pictures will be beyond perfect.


Rusticity right here in the city—who knew? Archeo is a striking setting in the photo-friendly Distillery District. Highlighting a sense of history alongside brick and refurbished wood stylings too stunning not to take pictures of. The outdoor ceremony options add to the versatility of this legendary location. It’s also the perfect site for an all-in-one photo session. Archeo is definitely one of my top Toronto Restaurants for the downtown wedding!

Archeo Toronto Wedding Venue Decor Archeo Toronto Wedding Ceremony Location Distillery District Toronto Couple Running Across The Street


A whole new meaning to the phrase on cloud nine! Canoe delivers a free-floating, high-flying feel that turns every wedding into a first class affair. The one-of-a-kind city views provided by the spot’s wraparound windows will take your breath away—and create wedding photos that you can caption with Cloud nine is all mine!

Canoe Wedding Venue in Toronto
Canoe Wedding Venue in Toronto

From ceremonies with a skyline view to nuptials in a cozy nook, these restaurants not only offer fabulous food and stunning private event spaces but also boast expert in-house coordinators. Not to mention steps away from an assortment of superb photo spots to fill your wedding day album! So, which one would you choose?


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