November 1, 2019

Wedding Day Stress: Tips on Staying Focused on Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding might be very stressful. You are responsible for organizing an event and you feel like this day needs to be perfect and mistake free. We have been there. . .

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Planning a wedding might be very stressful. You are responsible for organizing an event and you feel like this day needs to be perfect and mistake free. I have been there and know how it is to feel overwhelmed by trying to find a perfect wedding venue, the best photographer, florist, the most beautiful dress, the most comfortable shoes to feel and look great in all at the same time. Below are some tips for Staying Focused on Your Wedding Day:

1. Delegate.

Don’t feel like you need to handle everything. Your family and friends will be more then happy to help you organize one of the most important days in your life. Trust them and feel like you can share all of your ideas with them. They will do their best to watch the small details which will create your day. Trust them and don’t feel that you need to control everything.

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2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

No one is perfect. I know that when people think about their wedding they feel like everything needs to be perfect. There are so many things to take care of that even if you make a small mistake nothing will happen. Believe me, your guests won’t be able to see the small mistakes.

3. Stay connected.

This is your day. Don’t forget about yourself. Speak with your partner about your fears and don’t be afraid to admit that you are overwhelmed. Both of you need to remember about your love which brought you here. Wedding is a celebration of your love and happiness. Don’t forget about this.

4. Take care of yourself.

If you only focus on planning a wedding and you forget about yourself then you are only a step from being tired and mad all day. Sleep well, try to eat well and exercise. Find time to go for a walk, bike or run with your fiance. Speak about your day and plans but try not to speak and think only about the upcoming wedding.

5. Keep organized.

Don’t keep everything in your head. Your mind is simply not created to store large amounts of ever changing information. Use written lists to get next steps and final goals off your mind.

I suggest you organize your lists by context. For example, keep a “Call” list for all of the calls you need to make and an “Agenda” list for items which you need to discuss with your spouse. Other useful lists include an “Email” list for all of the emails you need to send and a “Waiting For” list designed to track items delegated to other people. No matter what lists you create, use and review them regularly in order to keep your mind clear and stress free.

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6. It’s your day.

Above all, remember it is your day. A day to celebrate your love with your family and friends. Don’t forget about why you are there and enjoy it!

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