May 15, 2023

What We Wedding Vendors Need You To Know – Wedding Planning Tips

Of everybody in the wedding world, we understand how much planning and time it takes to ensure that your day runs smoothly. Your wedding vendors are essential to making your big day a success. That’s why sharing wedding planning tips is so important to us!

Wedding planning is a working relationship, so there are some things that we need from you:

We will have a working relationship

We will have with you multiple meetings and questions that will most likely be repeated more than once. From consults from a year before the actual wedding to the final rundown call, we need to ensure that new and updated information is communicated. When we send our Wedding Questionnaires and Family Photo list two months prior to your wedding date, we need these to be completed as soon as possible to create your first version of the Wedding Photography Schedule. Not completing them on time pushes us back a couple of weeks, and no one wants to have meetings at the last minute.

You can learn more about the Everglow Process here: Our Process – From Inquiry To Your Wedding Day!

Two people are getting married

We find that there is always one partner who takes most, if not all, of the reigns, but two people are getting married. We really would love to hear both partners’ input. You would be surprised at which ideas and desires get fished out once everyone is on the same page. When we have our meetings, it’s important to have both parties there.

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A good timeline is key

As experienced wedding professionals, we know what time periods we need to cover our bases and ensure that you are happy. Also, a buffer time is important. Buffer time is our friend! No wedding timeline goes strictly according to plan.

Leaving buffer time between events can help things go smoothly if getting ready takes a little longer, someone gets stuck in traffic, or key wedding party members are looking for parking.

You can read more about how we work on a photography schedule here: The how-to guide to planning your wedding photography schedule.

Your hired experts

It’s important to remember that you have hired a team of experts for your wedding day. After putting in the time and effort to research, vet, and select your vendors, we want you to enjoy your wedding day. While your input is necessary, it’s important to trust that we will use our skills and expertise to deliver your vision.

That’s why it’s so important for us to be on the same page. We want to make sure our communication runs smoothly when we plan all the details before your wedding day. Our goal is always to create a seamless and stress-free experience for our couples.

No one wants a hungry photographer

We get hungry too and you wouldn’t like to have a hungry photographer. Although it’s not a priority, it’s nice to consider.

Pinterest provides great inspiration

We love Pinterest—don’t get us wrong—but it takes away our creative freedom if you’re looking to emulate all your pins on your board! We will work together to ensure that we have your best wedding images and you can create your own pins.

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Engagement sessions are for the weekdays

As much as we would love it, we are unavailable on weekends because of weddings. This leaves engagement sessions for weekdays. But this actually works great, as some engagement locations will have fewer people or less traffic.

Clear communication

Effective communication is key to any successful project, and this is especially true when it comes to weddings. We are here to address any questions or concerns. We also understand that you have so many vendors reaching out to you, and you can get very busy with your wedding planning. Sometimes we feel bad sending multiple emails, thinking something happened. A simple note for us helps us a lot.

Quantity over quality

We only take a certain number of weddings per year so we can really focus on our couples. Having open communication and connections is what drives us. We are just as excited to be a part of your day and capture those amazing moments!

Weddings are a collaborative effort. The time we take to ensure your vision unfolds is our livelihood and we take it seriously. Being open with our couples and sharing what we need only helps us to strengthen our working relationship. We always want to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

If you have any questions, please feel to reach out or inquire about Everglow Photography here!

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