October 11, 2022

What To Expect From Your Engagement/ Wedding Session in the City?


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Having a session in the city might be intimidating. From my experience, it’s also a lot of fun. So what to expect from an engagement or wedding session in the city?

We have this gorgeous city to serve as our backdrop! The possibilities are endless! 

Regardless of the location we pick, we must be aware of potential photobombs. On top of that, as a professional, I’ve learned to keep some important points in mind, and you should be aware of them, too. So let’s take a look at the list: 

People in the Background

People are everywhere! The city caters to anyone and everyone with its open public parks and plazas, bustling sidewalks, busy avenues, and various venues. As much as we want our backdrops to capture what the city has to offer, these prime locations will also invariably have people present. Some of those big city citizens may actually be courteous enough to step out of the shot, but we can’t expect everyone to get the hint. On top of that, there are those that will “get the hint” but still won’t move. Why? Because they don’t have to. So be aware that this does happen, it’s normal, and there’s not much to do besides accept it and ignore it. But maybe ignoring it will be impossible for you. If so, then you may need to secure a permit from the city. An official permit will allow us to shoot in a specific location without strangers looking, lurking, and looming. So either don’t take it too seriously and accept that strangers will populate your shots because, hey, that’s life in the big city.

couple crossing streets of Toronto Bridal Party walking in the city

We’ll Do a Whole Lot of Walking

As you may already know, parking in the city can be a bit of a problem—or to put it another way: impossible. So walking is often the wisest way to get around town. However, getting to some locations does require a bit of a trek, so I highly recommend wearing comfortable shoes and/or bringing shoes to change into and out of as need be. You don’t want to exhaust yourself or destroy your heels, wedges, or whatever footwear you’re wearing before we even begin the shoot.

Couple and a dog crossing the street

Take Retakes in Stride

In the park, on the sidewalk, in traffic, in front of iconic architecture … wherever we wind up, the perfect shot might (or almost certainly will) require a re-do. As I said, we can’t always control what happens in the background. As a result, my many years of experience have included a significant amount of reshoots, retakes, repeats, and retries to finally get that great shot. It can be frustrating and/or seem like it’s taking forever, but it’s all about the ultimate goal: the great image.

Couple crossing street

People Will Be Watching You

As mentioned before, the city is expansively populated by people that aren’t us. They’re everywhere. A plethora of pedestrians. Millions of motorists. Tons of tourists. You can be sure that, no matter where you are, the curious will be keeping their eyes on you. If you’re trying to pull off particularly ambitious shots in public places, people will be watching. So if you think the prolonged staring of strangers might be too unsettling, you may want to consider a more comfortable setting in a more secluded location someplace. 

Happy bridensmaids wearing sunglasses

Grab a Quick Meal!

They say the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach (top surgeons disagree, but what do they know?). So why not incorporate that philosophy into your photo shoot? Sure, this is your Engagement Session/ wedding session, but it’s also a date night. In a city full of so many great eating places, it doesn’t make sense not to treat your taste buds! It’s a great opportunity to visit that romantic bistro where the two of you had your first date … the ice cream shop where you two first kissed … or even an untried spot that you both want to experience for the very first time. There are so many choices, so why not check them out? After all, your heart will be full—your stomach should be, too!

Couple eating pizza at sunset

A Slice in the City Engagement Session

Our Engagement Session shoots are the best way to enjoy an in-person meet-up and conduct a trial run of your big day. Not everyone is a pro in front of the camera, and it makes no difference if they are! The important thing is to be in a place you love with a person you love, and I’ll be there doing what I love—capturing it on camera! The Engagement Session will help you understand how I direct, the way I work, and the effort I extend to assure everything runs smoothly.

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