July 11, 2023

Your Wedding Day Is Not a Photoshoot – How We Ensure That Our Couples Enjoy the Day

Wedding photography involves so much more than simply capturing couples on their momentous day. Unlike an editorial shoot, it’s not about a team devoting an entire day to a single scene against one background. And it’s also far removed from our Engagement Sessions, which have moods and settings that are much more relaxed. 

We believe in documenting a wedding day as it naturally unfolds. Our focus is always the genuine emotions and interactions between our couple, their families and their friends. It’s important to maintain this sensibility throughout the day—keeping the following in mind can help:

Build a Personal Connection

We enjoy fostering an authentic connection with our couples from the very start. By becoming familiar with your unique story, preferences and vision, we can tailor our approach to your specific needs. We take the time to listen to your ideas, consider your concerns and understand your desires. Keeping the lines of communication open ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience every step of the way, from the initial planning process to the day of the ceremony.

Some time ago, we created a blog post where we share more about “Why is it important to us to have an emotional connection with our couples?

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Trust Us

Before ever picking up a camera, we need you to feel confident about the people partaking in your big day. We’ll meet with you to become acquainted, answer any questions, explore the do’s and don’ts and discuss what we need from each other. Our totally transparent working relationship means you’ll feel secure about every detail of your wedding day.

You can read more about the Everglow process here: “Our Process – From Inquiry To Your Wedding Day!”

Separate Your Wedding Session

If your timeline allows, the best way to guarantee a wide range of wedding photographs is to divide your day by into multiple “mini-sessions.”

By separating the event into sections—first look, ceremony; sunset session; nighttime moments—we’re able to take advantage of the changes in natural lighting and the assortment of settings.

Moreover, the camera won’t become a nuisance! Simply put, every aspect of your day will be more enjoyable overall.

Set Realistic Expectations

We believe in setting realistic expectations with our couples. While we always strive to capture breathtaking images, we also emphasize the importance of enjoying the wedding day itself. Rest assured, we blend into the background so that you can focus on your partner and loved ones. Our method means you won’t worry about the camera or repeatedly feel pressured to stop and pose. We create an atmosphere in which couples can be themselves, feel relaxed and relish every memorable minute.

Capture Candid Moments

Our approach is all about capturing candid moments that reflect a couple’s genuine emotions and actual interactions. Rather than orchestrating every shot, we operate by observing and documenting the natural flow of the day. From the laughter and excitement experienced while getting ready to the heartfelt moments occurring during the ceremony and reception, we pride ourselves on preserving the authentic essence of every couple’s unique love story.

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Incorporate Creativity

While we prioritize candid moments, we also understand the importance of incorporating fun and creativity into our work. Suggesting interactive poses, planning playful shots and celebrating spur-of-the-moment spontaneity enables us to capture uniquely joyful images that reflect a couple’s personalities. We encourage participants to enjoy themselves and have fun so that the happiness they feel shines through in every shot.

Resist the Urge to Recreate Pictures

Your wedding day is a one-time event. Attempting to recreate an image shouldn’t steal time from the wedding session as a whole, especially since there’s no chance that shot will turn out to be exactly right anyway. Trust us—with our help, we promise you’ll have fun creating your own inspirational wedding pictures!

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Manage Time Efficiently

We understand that time management is crucial when it comes to one’s all-important wedding day. By collaborating with couples to meticulously plan and organize the photography schedule, we’re able to assure ample time exists to appreciate the festivities. We always strike a balance between capturing significant moments and fostering full immersion in the celebration.

So let loose and don’t obsess about your angles! Hold on tight to that wedding day high and let everything else simply evaporate. Being overly conscious about how you look and hyper-aware of every move you make is no way to celebrate such a special day. We promise to make time for your portraits and have fun with our session, too. We guarantee you’ll look great while we capture those special moments the two of you share.

As wedding photographers, our primary goal is to make sure your wedding day doesn’t feel like a photoshoot—we want you to be worry-free and enjoy every aspect of your special event.

By building a relationship, setting realistic expectations, capturing candid moments, being a supportive presence, incorporating fun and creativity and efficiently managing time, we can create an atmosphere for you to truly cherish the celebration while we preserve those memories that will last a lifetime. Your wedding day is a commemoration of love and we’re honoured to be included in every magical moment.

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